Colonial Church Tours

Leaving Copan, Santa Rosa de Copan and San Pedro Sula, we reach the city of Gracias in the Lempira Department. We will visit:
  • San Marcos Churce
  • La Merced Churce
  • Celaque National Park - Fort San Cristobal
  • Casa Galeano Museum
  • Hot Springs - Assembly Audiencia de los Confines
  • Communitie La Campa
  • Communitie San Manuel Colohete
As an option, we can continue the tour visiting the city of La Esperanza, Intibuca, arriving at Lake Yojoa and sleeping at a hotel on the lakeshore. We can boat tour and continue to San Pedro Sula. Write us at:

Tel: (504) 2651 4023 / (504) 9979 9319 E_mail: Copan Ruinas, Honduras, C.A.