Republic Guatemala

Today we will know one of the most important churches of Central America the Basilica of the Señor of Esquipulas, The Central American Capital of Faith, this is known because of the different miracles performed by the black CHRIST, which attracts hundredths of thousand of people bringing pilgrimages and devotions, we can enjoy and learn about religious fervor of visitors which creates huge rows to go and touch so closely the miraculous Christ while we rejoice to receive the Eucharist in one of the most ancient temples of American, after our lunch, we can visit the small but significant Calvary CHURCH as it hosted the image of the Señor of Esquipulas this being their first home. Continuing the tour will visit other churches, knowing nearby towns.

Includes: Transfer Vehicle with a/c, visits to Churches, attended Mass, Lunch. Not included: Payments Migration.

Estimated time of tour: 8 hrs. Leaving and returning to Copan Ruins.  

Republic of El Salvador

Leaving Copan Ruins and in two hours and thirty minutes, we will arrive at the City of Santa Ana, to visit one of the most famous cathedrals in this country, where today's Cathedral is was the parish center which was built in the sixteenth century and was a destroyed by a rayin the nineteenth century, in 1906 it began its reconstruction, then we can visit the Calvary Church, then return to Metapán where it was contructed the first colonial church built in the year 1743.

Enjoy a delicious lunch and we leave to the city of Esquipulas, Guatemala.

Includes: Transfer Vehicle with a/c, visits to Churches, Lunch. Not included: Payments migration. Estimated tour time: 9 hrs. Leaving and returning to Copan Ruins.

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