On July 20 each year, held in Honduras Lempira Cacique's Day, a national hero who was
immortalized by fighting in defense of land in Honduras and slavery which sought to
impose the Spaniards.

According to history, it is believed that the Indian Lempira born in the year 1499 and died in 1537.
The warrior's name meaning "Lord of the Sierra," and with an army of 30 thousand fighters began the fight against the conquerors. The force was focused on indigenous rock of Congolón, Coyucutena, Piedra Parada, Cerro del Broquel and Cerquín in the current Department of Lempira.

For many years schools performe the representation of the death of the Cacique Lempira also gather a large number of Ethnic Lenca who take their craft and food available to visitors.

Death dramatization of Cacique Lempira

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